Docker Bind Mounts on Windows 7

Work with Docker on Windows 7 has some specific differences. This technology targeted mostly to Linux platform. Use Mac OS or Windows is not recommended for production servers. But it is good for software or even hardware developers. For them it is important to have access from Docker container to local file system of host operating system. This way calls Bind Mounts. In the current article we will discuss this question and how it works on Windows 7 platform.

Docker and CentOS 7 (Part I)

Docker is a quite new technology of software virtualization and step forward of virtual environment. Docker is different from classical virtual machines (VMs). More details about can be found in official docker documentation. This become popular last years and this may be important for WEB programs developers, system administrators or system network engineers. I plan to publish series short articles about Docker technology tips. Some tips are developed by me, some not. The current one will be about aliases and functions in BASH. Lets go starting.

MAC-OS cloning

Recently I had a task to clone the Mac OS operating system with some pre-installed software to other Mac Pro computers with almost same hardware configuration. To do it directly (Install OS, Install all necessary software) to every unit takes a lot of time. So, I have decided to install one unit and after clone it to other ones. Here I will describe the methods I have used.

Excellent scoop

Sorry my long absence in this Blog writing. More age we have less time available for foreign affairs. In this blog I want to present the amazing command-line installer for Windows. It calls scoop.

Qt static compilation for Windows

In this article, I have decided to talk a little bit about programming stuff. In programming forums I often to see the question - “How to make the static compilation in Qt”. What is Qt? Qt is a cross-platform application framework that is widely used for developing application software that can be run on various software and hardware platforms with little or no change in the underlying codebase, while still being a native application with the capabilities and speed thereof. Qt is currently being developed both by the Qt Company, a subsidiary of Digia.

Now I’ll give some links and will give some little explanation based on my own experience. Feel free to comment it below.

NetApp R200 Tips & Tricks

This is my second article about NetApp R200 filer. I call it Tips & Tricks and going to add the useful commands for Filer manipulation here. The updates regarding this theme will be added in this post if exist.

NetApp R200 volume setup procedure

One month ago I had opportunity to play with old filer R200 from NetApp company. NetApp Inc., formerly Network Appliance Inc., is a well known American computer storage and data management company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. NetApp competes in the data-storage devices industry. In 2009, NetApp ranked second in market capitalization in its industry behind EMC Corporation and ahead of Seagate Technology, Western Digital, Brocade, Imation, and Quantum. In spite of this model was discontinued and it doesn’t have support now by the company I have decided to resurrect it for technical purposes and files exchange inside our internal network.

I plan to create a couple of articles about this theme here. Look into archive of my Blog. You will find additional posts here soon. If you find it interesting - let me know about in comments below. In spite of NetApp documentation exist in the Internet this article reflect my own experience. Let’s briefly describe what the system I have.

Robust File Copy for Windows

Recently I had a problem with the file media server when one of the disk in disk array is down. In this case every server degrade the own disk speed, cause it has to recover the data from the broken one. The problem was that I have thousands of important files (>1Gb) there which I can’t allow to lose. Disk rebuild is risky cause if during rebuild process the second hard drive down - you may lose your data very easy. The server and clients working on Windows platform. If I start save material to the local hard drives by Windows copy I get Windows error, cause transmission interrupted by server frequently. Other side I want to be sure that my local copy reflect the files location on the server.

I remembered that there is a good program for such purposes on every Windows system which calls Robocopy. It saved my days.

Emacs strip CR(^M)

Time to time I use the great old text editor Emacs. In spite of advanced age this reliable text editor competes with modern text editors and even some IDEs. If you work with text files on different platforms you may encounter with CR(^M) symbols on every line. This happen If you have a mix of lines that ends with ^M and lines that don’t.

Also if you see ^M in your file, you may have opened a file with DOS-style line endings (carriage return + line feed) while Emacs assumes it has Unix-style line endings (line feed only). (The carriage-return character, sometimes abbreviated as CR, is ^M. The line-feed character, sometimes abbreviated as LF, is ^J)

Golang under Cygwin

The current article I have to write by two reasons. First - the Go language developed by Google becoming popular little by little. Second - there is NO accurate information about how to setup Go under Cygwin.

Go also commonly referred to as Golang, is a open source programming language developed at Google in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. Designed primarily for systems programming, it is a compiled, statically typed language in the tradition of C and C++, with garbage collection, various safety features and CSP-style concurrent programming features added.”

UNIX pass under Cygwin

For any IT system administrators and specialists there is a headache to remember a lot of working passwords in daily work. As you probably know is safe to use the different ones for better security. There are many password managers which collect and encrypt your passwords locally or remotely. The best way if your password manager is simple and follow the Unix philosophy. With pass, each password lives inside of a GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG, GPG) encrypted file whose file name is the title of the website or resource that requires the password.

PostgreSQL under Cygwin

As I wrote below I use Cygwin with Windows platform to achieve the Busi-do 😏. Yeah, I’m not looking for easy ways, really. To use the Cygwin is not easy way, but it really works for many tasks. If you work with databases there are two ways. First is to setup database directly into the Windows, the second is setup database into the Cygwin. The first way is easiest one, but may NOT working if you develop inside Cygwin.

Python Virtual Environment

The Python programming is a real adventure. I prefer to use it for small projects or fast developing stuff. Python packages empower the language. Every task demands the own set of packages. So, it is a good idea to separate it for every task.

PowerShell profile HowTo

When I work on Windows platform from time to time I prefer to use the PowerShell. The PowerShell is an automation platform and scripting language for Windows and Windows Server that allows you to simplify the management of your systems. Unlike other text-based shells, PowerShell harnesses the power of the .NET Framework, providing rich objects and a massive set of built-in functionality for taking control of your Windows environments.

CentOS without kernel update

For my servers I prefer to use the CentOS as operating system. It is reliable, professional and modern Linux distribution which is aimed to the server platform usage.

Periodically appear the task to update the packages inside. The system package manager, which calls Yum, allow to do it easily.

ATTO Celerity setup in OS X El Capitan

In my posts I prefer to use the information from my Own experience. Recently I had a task to install the OS X El Capitan onto the old Mac Pro with Fiber Channel Storage array. This system used the ATTO Celerity Fiber Channel card FC-42ES which has been discontinued.

Lftp mirror

The FTP File Transfer Protocol protocol is quite old. It was created in 1971 and changed in 1972 which was closed to modern version. Development of the Internet endangered using FTP cause of the security weakness. Anyway this protocol is still usable in some production areas like WEB design, Post production, etc. As for me I prefer to stay away from FTP and prefer the modern secured protocols, but in some cases I have to use it for a while.

Rsync HowTo

In this post I wanna give a clue how to use well known and famous Open Source rsync program for directories synchronization. rsync is a widely-used utility to keep copies of a file on two computer systems are same. It is commonly found on Unix-like systems and functions as both a file synchronization and file transfer program. The rsync algorithm, a type of delta encoding, is used to minimize network usage. Zlib may be used for additional compression, and SSH or stunnel can be used for data security.