MAC-OS cloning

Recently I had a task to clone the Mac OS operating system with some pre-installed software to other Mac Pro computers with almost same hardware configuration. To do it directly (Install OS, Install all necessary software) to every unit takes a lot of time. So, I have decided to install one unit and after clone it to other ones. Here I will describe the methods I have used.

The Windows platform has the own utilities which helps to clone and backup the system to other hard drives. As for me I prefer don’t use the third party utilities for system administration if native system tools exists. The other words I don’t trust the third party tools for such type of tasks. The Mac OS has such tools also, but they are command line. ;)

There are two third party GUI tools for such task. It calls: Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper.

As I wrote above I prefer to use native command line tools. Here is HOW.

First check the disk identifier by diskutil command:

$ diskutil list

Then create the DMG image by:

$ sudo hdiutil create ~/Desktop/mySystemImage.dmg \
> -srcdevice /dev/disk0s1


  • mySystemImage.dmg - the name of image I try to create
  • disk0s1 - the device name I try to clone

Later if I want to restore the image this command will help:

$ sudo asr restore -source ~/Desktop/mySystemImage.dmg \
> -target /Volumes/MacOS -noverify -erase


  • mySystemImage.dmg - the name of image I try to restore
  • /Volumes/MacOS - the name of fresh formatted hard drive
  • noverify - skips verification after restoring
  • erase - erase the target volume before continuing

That’s all for today. If any questions let me know in the comments below.
Have a good day…

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