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Sorry my long absence in this Blog writing. More age we have less time available for foreign affairs. In this blog I want to present the amazing command-line installer for Windows. It calls scoop.

For people who have to work on Windows platform there is a headache to install the free open source command line Linux utilities for development or something. Thanks to Microsoft the Windows 10 has ability to install Linux natively. But some still use Windows 7 or wanna get own programs via convenient command line installer. The scoop is what you need.

Thanks to creator of this project - Luke Sampson.

There is alternative popular system. It calls Chocolatey - Software Management Automation. It has a huge amount of software on board and large community, but it demands the Administrative rights for installation which is not convenient if you have no such rights on your computer. The scoop working under user account and can’t potentially harm your system.

Official scoop site is located on: http://scoop.sh.

The official brief documentation you can find on GitHub.

There are some below. Why use scoop:

  • You’re a programmer/developer
  • You want to set up a machine without having to visit a bunch of websites, download installers and then click through each one
  • You’re comfortable working on the command line, especially with tools like Git
  • You’re familiar with UNIX tools, and you wish there were more of them on Windows
  • You read Hacker News and you feel like you’re ‘stuck’ on Windows and missing out on lots of cool things
  • You wish there was an easier way to tell other developers how to install programs (maybe your own programs)
  • You use Homebrew and apt-get and think, “this is awesome”.

What scoop can do for you:

  • Lets you script your dev/prod environment setup (repeatable!)
  • Installs tools so they ‘just work’, the way they work on other platforms (e.g. ssh)
  • Lets you stay on the command line, where you can work fast
  • Extends Powershell so you can use programs that work really well with text, the universal interface.
  • Lets you sharpen skills that transfer to Linux and Max OS X

Why scoop:

  • Avoids GUIs whenever possible, keeps you on the command line
  • Installs to your home directory by default (thereby avoiding UAC popups, and other people messing up your setup)
  • Installs applications independently and in a self-contained way (which means less conflicts, easy to undo installs)
  • Doesn’t pollute your path
  • Has a command interface similar to Git and similar tools
  • Makes it easy to discover commands that you don’t know, or have forgotten
  • Makes is easy to tell people how to install your programs
  • Has a curated collection of apps, while at the same time…
  • Makes it easy to create your own apps and collections of apps
  • Values your time and attention
  • Reads the Readme for you

That’s all for today. Welcome and leave the comment below.
Thanks for your time…

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