PowerShell Magazine

It is NOT a fresh news and just was re-posted from my old blog. On December 27, 2011 I wrote the article in “PowerShell Magazine” - the nice resource dedicated to ¬©Microsoft Power Shell. This publishing wasn’t possible without support and assistance of @ShayLevy and Douglas Finke. My special thanks to them.

The “PowerShell Magazine” was started with a thought of serving exclusive PowerShell content free of cost to the readers. This magazine is a monthly magazine and is available as an online edition and as a down-loadable PDF. The majority of content contribution is done through guest authors and the community.

In current blog I have some plans to publish posts about PowerShell tips and tweaks. Follow by RSS feed HERE.

P.S. Because of the Blog is in development process the RSS may incorrectly inform you about updates.

Thanks for your time.

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