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Docker Bind Mounts on Windows 7

Work with Docker on Windows 7 has some specific differences. This technology targeted mostly to Linux platform. Use Mac OS or Windows is not recommended for production servers. But it is good for software or even hardware developers. For them it is important to have access from Docker container to local file system of host operating system. This way calls Bind Mounts. In the current article we will discuss this question and how it works on Windows 7 platform.

Docker and CentOS 7 (Part I)

Docker is a quite new technology of software virtualization and step forward of virtual environment. Docker is different from classical virtual machines (VMs). More details about can be found in official docker documentation. This become popular last years and this may be important for WEB programs developers, system administrators or system network engineers. I plan to publish series short articles about Docker technology tips. Some tips are developed by me, some not. The current one will be about aliases and functions in BASH. Lets go starting.

MAC-OS cloning

Recently I had a task to clone the Mac OS operating system with some pre-installed software to other Mac Pro computers with almost same hardware configuration. To do it directly (Install OS, Install all necessary software) to every unit takes a lot of time. So, I have decided to install one unit and after clone it to other ones. Here I will describe the methods I have used.